ARMS and Counterintelligence

The Features

Counterintelligence is the activity of protecting one's own intelligence program from the interference or sabotage of foreign adversaries . It involves gathering information about the enemy's intelligence activities, deceiving or disrupting their operations, and exploiting their weaknesses. Counterintelligence is important for national security because it helps to prevent the loss of sensitive information, technology, or assets that could harm the nation's interests or security. It also helps to counter the threats of espionage, sabotage, assassination, or terrorism that could damage the nation's infrastructure, economy, or reputation. 

ARMS is a unique case management operations platform for counterintelligence, investigations, and other critical intelligence. Designed for national security agencies in the U.S. and our allies, ARMS is a highly secure system for managing intelligence operations at a global level.

ARMS includes functionality for:

Counterintelligence Incident Assessment and Reporting

Managing counterintelligence incidents and security risks is a complex undertaking that requires the involvement of the entire organization. The incident assessment functionality within ARMS can be viewed as a holistic activity that is fully integrated into every aspect of the organization.

Counterintelligence Investigations

Our platform's robust case management capabilities enable you to handle complex investigations seamlessly. From initial intake to final resolution, you can efficiently track and manage all aspects of your cases. Organize documents, store evidence, and maintain a comprehensive audit trail, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the investigative process.

Unified Operations Dashboard

Monitor and track the progress of your operations effortlessly through our team and operations dashboards. Gain real-time insights into ongoing cases, team performance, and key metrics, allowing you to make data-driven decisions. Identify patterns, trends, and potential risks efficiently to proactively address emerging threats.

Threat and Risk Analysis

With our intuitive analytic product repository, agencies can centralize and access critical intelligence reports, assessments, and other analytic products. Leverage powerful search functionalities to quickly retrieve relevant information, share insights with stakeholders, and make informed decisions based on comprehensive analysis.

Counterintelligence Support Operations

We understand the importance of support operations in counterintelligence. Our systems streamlines administrative tasks, such as resource allocation, task assignment, and budget management. Optimize your team's efficiency and focus on core investigative work, knowing that administrative processes are handled seamlessly within our platform.

Counterintelligence Collection Activities

The comprehensive ARMS system is designed from the ground up to provide automation support for tactical counterintelligence and human intelligence information collection, investigation, interrogation, operation, and document exploitation.

Counterintelligence Liaising

Collaboration and information sharing are paramount in counterintelligence operations. Our liaison repository facilitates secure information exchange and collaboration with partner agencies and organizations. Establish a network of trusted partners, securely exchange sensitive information, and enhance joint investigative efforts to protect national interests effectively.

Data and Visual Link Analysis

With ARMS, agencies can uncover hidden connections and patterns within vast amounts of data using our powerful link analysis tool. Visualize complex relationships, uncover networks of interest, and identify key individuals or entities involved in illicit activities. Our intuitive interface simplifies the analysis process, enabling your team to derive actionable intelligence quickly.