Counterintelligence Support Systems™ is a cutting-edge solutions provider to agencies tasked with developing and maintaining global counterintelligence operations. Our company offers a suite of advanced features designed to enhance your investigative capabilities, streamline your workflows, and empower your team to safeguard national security. With our state-of-the-art tools and intuitive interface, you can effectively manage cases, analyze data, collaborate with partner agencies, and stay ahead of emerging threats.


    Counterintelligence Assessment & Reporting Management System (ARMS)

    The Counterintelligence Assessment & Reporting Management System (ARMS™) case management platform is the first and only full-spectrum CI solution developed by counterintelligence professionals and the technology industry. ARMS systems prioritize the accessibility of investigative and operational data through a simplified user interface streamlined with modern mechanics and functionality.

    ARMS was developed in conjunction with CI Special Agents and Officers from the US Intelligence Community and Department of Defense with a focus on integrating the features necessary to support modern CI programs operating in multi-domain environments. The system incorporates:

    • Reportable indicators and advanced data analytics that enable cross-investigation/operation analysis of CI information and detection of CI threats.
    • An adjustable framework capable of meeting the demands of any CI program, whether they be operations or investigations focused. ARMS can be tailored to enforce organizational policies, specific authorities, and data retention policies.
    • Modern Counterintelligence structure through integrated workflows that provide seamless RFI/RFA for use between traditional CI, Cyber CI, TSCM, and other support personnel.
    • Lightweight and open-source technology solutions that allow it to run with minimal compute resources, and in conjunction with other virtual machine-based applications.
    • Compliance with Code of Federal Regulations 28, Part 23.

    Integration and collaboration of CI and Security disciplines is essential to ensuring the US can combat the evolving capabilities of our adversaries, The ARMS system has incorporated individual modules and points of integration for a variety of CI, Insider Threat, Personnel Security, and Cyber Security team members. This collaborative platform coupled with advanced analytics allows for the correlation of events and indicators across disciplines and their respective datasets, leading to early detection and mitigation of threats.

    Attempts to employ proprietary Government Off the Shelf (GOTS) solutions has proven ineffective and costly. Counterintelligence Support Systems, through collaboration with CI professionals, has observed first hand the degradation of capabilities due to unreliable and complicated GOTS case management solutions. As a result, the ARMS system was developed using common languages and frameworks to address many of the deficiencies associated with other case management solutions but also to ensure the highest level of application security and availability.

    We understand that the system application is only as effective as its integration within the CI program. To ensure our clients are capable of leveraging ARMS to its fullest potential, we have partnered with service providers who specialize in counterintelligence and are capable of not just assisting our clients in tailoring the systems to meet their needs, but also educating them on its use and management. This model ensures we provide the best-case management application coupled with the cleared onsite support and know how to integrate it into your daily operations.


At Counterintelligence Support Systems, we understand the unique challenges faced by agencies involved in counterintelligence, cyber, insider threat, and business intelligence. Our systems and services platform is tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you have the tools necessary to tackle the most complex threats to national security.

Organizations globally are confronted with increasingly aggressive and intricate threats from foreign intelligence services, as well as state and non-state actors. In response, agencies are actively addressing their core counterintelligence missions. These missions involve identifying, assessing, and neutralizing foreign intelligence activities and capabilities. Additionally, efforts are being made to mitigate insider threats, counter espionage, and other nefarious attempts by foreign intelligence services both domestically and abroad. 

CiSS is an American-owned and operated company that is providing a fresh perspective on how counterintelligence agencies can effectively tackle these threats.